OREANDA-NEWSInformation about the violation of Russian legislation by the German television company Deutsche Welle was confirmed, said Vasily Piskarev, chairman of the State Duma commission to investigate the interference of foreign states in the internal affairs of Russia, head of the Duma committee on security and anti-corruption.

"The commission today completed work on the Deutsche Welle. We said that we have information, it was confirmed, unfortunately. The Deutsche Welle, acting on the territory of the Russian Federation, violated the laws, and violated many laws. Today we adopted the decision that there should be a reaction to these violations by the authorized bodies", the parliamentarian said.

The State Duma Commission revealed signs of justification for extremism in the actions of Deutsche Welle, in particular, we are talking about materials about blogger Vladislav Sinitsa, convicted under Art. 282 of the Criminal Code. "The actions of journalists and this media holding itself showed signs of justification of extremism", Piskarev said. He pointed out a resonant episode when the blogger Sinitsa "called for the abduction, murder of children of law enforcement officials".

The State Duma Commission also sees signs of a foreign agent in the activities of the German television and radio station. The "German wave" has all the signs, as we believe, of a foreign agent. They conduct and conducted political activities financed from the budget of Germany”, Piskarev said. “So, in our opinion, this is the activity of a foreign agent”.

The State Duma Commission will send the materials collected by Deutsche Welle to the Russian Foreign Ministry, so that the ministry considers the issue of depriving the German media of accreditation in the Russian Federation.