OREANDA-NEWS. Russia, during joint exercises with Belarus, revealed several "trump cards" against NATO, writes the Daily Express.

First of all, we are talking about a combat unmanned robotic complex "Uran-9", which the media called the "Terminator". It was first used during the "West-2021". The complex is equipped with Shmel-M flamethrowers, Ataka anti-tank guided missiles, and a 7.62 mm machine gun. This combat vehicle is remotely controlled and capable of engaging targets up to three miles away.

Another trump card of the Daily Express was the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system, designed to supplement the S-400 in the future. Its missions include interception and destruction of intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as hypersonic cruise missiles and aircraft.

The author of the article recalled that the past exercises aroused concern among the NATO countries bordering Belarus. In particular, Estonia said that the maneuvers could be a harbinger of an invasion of the Russian army in the future. The demonstration by Moscow of a whole complex of modern weapons sows fear among the members of the North Atlantic Alliance, the journalist summed up.

The practical phase of the Belarusian-Russian strategic exercises Zapad-2021 was held from 10 to 16 September at nine training grounds in Russia and five in Belarus. They were attended by up to 200 thousand personnel, about 80 aircraft and helicopters, up to 760 units of military equipment, including 290 tanks, 240 guns, multiple launch rocket systems, mortars and up to 15 ships. The exercises were also attended by about two thousand servicemen from the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the SCO and other friendly countries.