OREANDA-NEWSFacebook management announced the tightening of measures to combat the placement of fake videos on the social network, the purpose of which is to manipulate public views and mislead. “Although these videos are still quite rare on the Internet, they pose a significant danger to our industry and society, as they are being used more and more actively”, said the vice president of Facebook Inc. Monica Bickert.

According to her, in accordance with the updated policy of the social network, in particular, real videos edited in a way that is not obvious to the average user will be deleted in order to give the audience the impression that the person captured on the video “said something that wasn’t really said".

In addition, so-called deepfakes will be deleted, that is, videos created using artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks, so that the face of one person in the video can be replaced by another so that it is almost impossible to notice. In this case, parody or satirical videos created without the intent of manipulating someone, as well as videos edited solely to exclude unnecessary words or change the order of words, will not be deleted.