OREANDA-NEWS. The introduction of additional electives in the school curriculum, in particular, in e-sports, can lead to overwork of students.  This was announced on Thursday in the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

 The department recognized that gamification is a common phenomenon in the development of educational technologies both in Russia and abroad.  “However, we note that the school curriculum is based on state educational standards, balanced on the basis of recommendations on the permissible load for each age category, and the addition of such subjects can lead to overwork of students,” the ministry said.

 Earlier Thursday it was reported that the Internet Development Institute (IRI) had asked the Ministry of Education to introduce computer training for Dota 2, Hearthstone, Dota Underlords, StarCraft II, FIFA 19, World of Tanks, Minecraft and CodinGame in schools.  Many of them host major e-sports championships.  The list included games of different genres: strategies, online multiplayer combat arenas (MOBA), card games, as well as tank and football simulations.