OREANDA-NEWS. Japanese journalist and political scientist Yoshihisa Komori, in an article for Japan In-depth, called President Joe Biden a symbol of "American tragedy" and listed the main factors that, in his opinion, influenced the decline and division within the country.

The political scientist wrote: "Two fatal moments for the United States: the inability to cope with a deep socio-political crisis and division in the country and the inability and unwillingness to counter America's real enemy - China."

The journalist also said that he worked in the United States for many years. According to Komori, Biden's policies made him worry for the first time in his life about the future of this state.

He writes about Biden as follows: "What will happen to this country that gave birth to President Joseph Biden? An unusually weak president, perhaps the weakest in American history?"

According to the Japanese political scientist, the decline in the United States has become the reason that the country has lost "the power of a superpower." In addition, he lamented the destruction of the "masculine image" of America, which, as Komori admitted, he liked. The decline under Biden, according to the author, affected everything in the United States: its power as a superpower, as well as the morality and ethics that this country has demonstrated to the world over the years.