OREANDA-NEWS.Few companies know how to support their games in the same way as Capcom does. The Japanese know very well how to keep the audience, and their approach to Monster Hunter: World is direct evidence of that. 

First, Capcom supported the game with interesting events, including the Witcher, and then announced the release of a major Iceborne update. And as it became known, Iceborne will be the only DLC to Monster Hunter World, so expect a ton of content from it. 

But more importantly, it is the support of the addition itself. Capcom is going to release updates already for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, thereby thinking through the post-release plan. In any case, you will have something to do in Iceborne and without all the updates, because this is, in fact, an independent game. It just requires the main client Monster Hunter World. 

DLC is coming on September 6.