OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had not seen anything in the world more beautiful than Kamchatka.

  He also promised to support the local volcano Museum, possibly through the Russian geographical society.

  Thus, he commented on the speech of Sergei Samoylenko, the founder of Russia's only volcanic Museum "Volcanic aquarium" in Kamchatka, who spoke about the social activities of this educational complex, including free mugs for children and so on.  According to him, the social mission "complicates profitability", so there is a need for Federal support for such institutions, for example, in terms of rent.

  The President also praised the idea of creating such a Museum in the region.  "What you are doing, of course, is wonderful, it is a wonderful initiative. In General, you can be envied because you do the right thing, and at the same time it is your specialty. It's not a very common coincidence, " he said.