OREANDA-NEWS. "Rostelecom" plans in October to provide a solution for the payment of goods and services in stores facial image. About this said on Thursday the representative of the company, which is also the operator running since July last year, the Single biometric system.

To submit biometric data to the system, the casts of voices and images of persons – Russians in banks. According to the law, the acceptance of biometrics for the vast majority of them mandatory. With the help of EBS, the Russians can remotely access Bank accounts, make transfers and take out loans. However, only few banks provide services to those who appeal to them remotely via the EAS, and in the system itself for a year managed to collect only 20 000 records reported by the Central Bank.

"In the framework of the prototype with the help of individuals you can buy coffee in the coffee machine", — writes the newspaper "Vedomosti", citing an unnamed participant. Towards the end of autumn feature will be available in the broad market.