OREANDA-NEWS. The Chechen Parliament has submitted to the State Duma of Russia a bill prepared by it to ban the mention in the media of the nationality and religious affiliation of all criminals. The explanatory note states that this is due to «the need to preserve interethnic and interfaith harmony and peace on the territory of the Russian Federation».

The dissemination of information about the nationality and religion of criminals will be regarded as «an insult to the national and religious feelings of respectable people who are not related to illegal activities».

Commenting on the situation, TV host Alexander Myasnikov noted that in Russia, as elsewhere in the world, there are a stable national diasporas that influence their own members. At the same time, the last thing they need is for members of the diaspora to engage in hooliganism and shame everyone else.

«Look at the Chechens. Have you really heard a lot of negative things about them in this sense in recent years? No one will allow them to dirty their national honor with hooliganism, we all know how Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the republic, reacts harshly and fairly to this», wrote Myasnikov in Telegram.

This is how other diasporas should act and most of them do, belives Russian TV host. But if the media will keep silent about the nationality of the criminals, then how will such antics receive proper publicity and condemnation?!