OREANDA-NEWS. Residents of Sweden were not allowed to name their son after Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is reported by the local radio station Sveriges Radio.

The parents of the baby, in accordance with the rules in force in the country, applied with the chosen name to the Swedish Tax Agency. However, the authority refused to register this unusual name.

According to Swedish law, agency employees can refuse parents to choose one or another name for the baby if they think that it will cause some inconvenience to the owner. In this case, representatives of the agency refused to substantiate the reason why they did not register a newborn boy in the country with the name and surname of the current Russian leader.

It is noted that in the past, the agency refused to families who wanted to give their children another unusual names, such as Allah, Q, Token, Michael Jackson, Ford and Pilsner. At the same time, there is a case when parents who decided to name their son Google managed to get approval from Swedish authoroties.

Last year, 112.ua, citing the local administration of the Ministry of Justice, reported that in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, parents gave their newborn son the name Zelensky.