OREANDA-NEWS TV technical center "Ostankino" filed in the Arbitration court of Moscow two claims to the "First Channel" for a total of about 164 million rubles., follows from the files of the court. Both claims were filed on December, 24. The amount of claims in one case is 89.5 million rubles, in the other-73.9 million rubles.

The representative of the television station confirmed claims to the "First Channel". "First Channel" is most popular channel in Russia. Nevertheless, the debt of the channel and its subcontractors has reached a critical value, which jeopardizes the work of the television center responsible for broadcasting and production of not only the "First", but also more than a hundred TV companies.

The newspaper "Vedomosti", which also drew attention to the claims of the "Ostankino" to "First channel", said that the partners of the channel almost never sue them due to delays of payments for fear of losing a major customer. The newspaper, having studied the file of the court, so: these claims were the first judicial claims to the "First Channel" to repay the debt for at least the last five years.

The source of Kommersant, familiar with the claims of the television center, explains that "First Channel" has to pay for TV production services, signal transmission, rental of premises and equipment. The interviewee said that both suits relate to the debt July and filed, "to denote the situation." The total debt of the channel and its contractors to Ostankino, according to the source, exceeds 1 billion rubles.

Another 11 claims for almost 63 million rubles "Ostankino" filed in October-November to the main contractor of the "First Channel" group "Red Square" Arkady Rotenberg, clarifies the publication with reference to the file of the court. The largest of them, 39.9 million rubles., the court in December satisfied.

According to "Vedomosti", "channel" saving debt to the "Ostankino" in the summer. Delays in payments were before, but the TV channel always extinguished debts by the end of the year, told the interlocutors of the publication, who know this from the employees of the television center.

Representatives of the "First Channel"  has not responded to the queries media. General Director of the "Red Square" Ilya Krivitsky declined to comment.