Putin and Biden
17.06.2021, 16:29

Two American TV channels disagreed on the outcome of the meeting between Putin and Biden in Geneva.

Donald Trump
17.06.2021, 10:05

Former US President Donald Trump said that Washington received nothing from the summit of Russian and American leaders Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, and for Moscow the meeting went well.

Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland
16.06.2021, 15:40
American correspondents, who stormed ahead of the meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, betray the classic traditions of overseas journalism and show not only professional, but also general human rudeness.
Mike Pompeo
16.06.2021, 10:14

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he considers the decision of US President Joe Biden not to hold a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin after the Geneva meeting as a demonstration of weakness.

Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland
15.06.2021, 15:53
Dmitry Kiselev, a journalist and host of the Russia 1 TV channel, speculated about the difficulty of communicating with people like US President Joe Biden.
Ships in the Black Sea
14.06.2021, 16:05

Vladimir Putin noted in an interview with NBC that NATO and US exercises are taking place in close proximity to Russian borders, asking what would happen if Russia did the same.

Vladimir Putin
14.06.2021, 15:06

Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the American television channel NBC that he may consider the exchange of prisoners between the Russian Federation and the United States.

Joe Biden
11.06.2021, 16:15

According to the politician, the initiative of US President Joe Biden to lift the sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 operator has become a "multibillion-dollar gift to Vladimir Putin."

"Black mold" in India
11.06.2021, 14:40
The number of cases of "black mold" in India increased by 150% in three weeks and reached 31,216 thousand cases, more than two thousand people died.
A gamer
12.05.2021, 16:25
Computer games by themselves could not have caused the shooting in Kazan, so limiting their sale is an excessive measure. This is how the idea of banning video games was assessed the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy.
Elon Musk with his wife
12.05.2021, 14:49
Canadian singer Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, wife of the head of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, was hospitalized due to a panic attack she suffered after filming the American satirical television show.
Antalya, Turkey
29.04.2021, 14:06
Residents of Istanbul, Ankara and other large cities in Turkey tend to leave them before the lockdown on Thursday evening, there are serious traffic jams at the exit from the cities.
Alexander Lukashenko.
26.04.2021, 10:42

Political scientist Feduta, lawyer Zenkovich and BPF Party leader Kostusev are accused of plotting to seize power in Belarus.

US President Joe Biden
22.03.2021, 10:29

Viewers of Fox News have expressed the opinion that US President Joe Biden will leave office early due to health conditions.

Google Germany GmbH in Muenchen
12.03.2021, 15:53
Video hosting Youtube has imposed restrictions on access to the film "Crimea. The Way to the Homeland" on the Russia 24 channel because of the scenes of violence contained in it, the press service of Google told.


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