OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian analyst Alexander Kochetkov, in an article for Glavred, summed up the results of the country's 30-year independence.

According to him, Ukraine was able to move from a socialist economy to a market one, even if it was "wild." At the same time, the country has lost a lot, as a result of which it "lags behind."

One of the reasons Kochetkov called the impossibility "is not something to overcome, but at least to limit corruption in a decent framework." “We had fantastic starting conditions - for example, the Ukrainian GDP at the beginning of independence was twice that of Israel and three times that of Singapore, and now we are hopelessly lagging behind both of these countries,” the expert noted.

The most important success, in his opinion, was that the country has not yet been lost. Summing up, the analyst noted that the Ukrainians are moving "where the wind is blowing," and if nothing is changed, then either a smooth impoverishment or a sudden destruction of statehood awaits them.

Senator from Crimea Sergei Tsekov told RIA Novosti that over the past 30 years, Ukraine has not emerged as a state; from the most successful republic of the Soviet Union, it has become one of the most backward states in Europe.

"Ukraine was a rich republic, and there were hopes that this wealth would only grow, but it was felt that nationalists would come to power," the legislator said.
“Therefore, I understood that Ukraine would not have a bright future, and it did. Ukraine, from the most successful republic of the Soviet Union, became one of the most backward states in Europe. And all this was destroyed by the Ukrainian authorities, which were not guided by some common interests for the people of Ukraine. , and were guided by the interests of Ukrainian nationalists, "the politician emphasized.