OREANDA-NEWS Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi has announced the assignment of the global brand Redmi officially independent status. This was reported by the information portal Sina.

Lu Weibin, Deputy General Director of Xaiomi, became the managing Manager of the new division of the company engaged in the development, production, promotion and sale of Redmi.At his previous job, he was responsible for brand creation, design, production and sales of Red Rice. In addition, Weibin was appointed Vice President of the Xiaomi Group. He wrote about this to his subscribers in the Chinese social network Weibo. "In this way, we will provide Redmi with the most reasonable price, we will carry out expansion in the markets, we will attract the attention of users of the global network," he stressed.

The first product of the updated brand was a Redmi Note 7 phone with a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 660 processor and a 48-megapixel camera. Orders for its purchase around the world began to be accepted from January 10, and from January 15 at 10:00 local time (05:00 GMT) will be sold the first such smartphone.

The warranty on Redmi Note 7 is 18 months, in China it will cost 999 yuan (about $146).

Earlier, the Head and founder of Xiaomi, Lei Zun, explained the decision to allocate Redmi as a separate brand by the difference in positioning: Redmi offers inexpensive smartphones that are sold on e-Commerce platforms, and Mi is focused on high-quality devices that can be bought in communication salons.

It is noted that now the company has three brands of smartphones, each of which is designed for a certain range of buyers.

  • Mi-premium phones
  • Redmi — a budget model
  • Poco - "premium phones available".

It is planned that in this way the pricing policy of Redmi will be most effectively regulated and the brand will carry out promotion to the markets by attracting users of the global network.