OREANDA-NEWS. All Ukrainian media informed that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy imposed severe sanctions by decision of the National Security and Defense Council against three opposition country's TV channels - 112. Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK.

In total, restrictive measures affected eight Ukrainian TV companies: ARIAADNA TV, NOVY FORMAT TV, TV VIBIR, TELERADIOCOMPANIYA 112-TV, LIDER TV, PARTNER TV (all refer to 112. Ukraine) , "NOVINY 24 GODINY" (NewsOne) and "Novi komunikatsii" (ZIK). Moreover, the penalties also affect the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Taras Kozak who belongs the faction "Opposition Platform - For Life", who owns banned TV companies.

The sanctions are imposed for the period of five years and provide for blocking assets, complete limiting of trading operations, preventing the withdrawal of capital from the country, cancellation or suspension of official licenses and other measures. Besides, companies are not allowed from using the radio frequency resource of Ukraine and retransmitting TV programs.

The TV channels 112.Ukraina, NewsOne and ZIK, on which the sanctions were imposed, called these measures a political reprisal against unwanted media outlets. After Zelensky's decree, they were forced to stop broadcasting. In the PLO, sanctions are considered "an act of usurpation of power, open censorship, a mechanism for establishing dictatorship and tyranny."