OREANDA-NEWS. A Woman Accidentally Destroyed a Lottery Ticket for $2 Billion in USA. According to preliminary data, the gambling enthusiast bought a «SuperLotto Plus» lottery ticket about six months ago. This is reported by the «KTLA» news site.

The drawing took place on November 14, 2020, and as a result, the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, hit the jackpot of $26 million. According to the manager of the gas station in the city of Norwalk, California, where the winning ticket was sold, the inattentive winner put the key to wealth in her pocket and, forgetting about it, threw things in the washing machine. As a result, the lottery ticket was seriously damaged.

The manager, who introduced himself as Frank, offered to tell the woman about the incident to reporters, but she refused. A security camera installed at the gas station captured a customer buying a winning ticket. The recording was sent to the lottery headquarters. Frank noted, that the winner looks about 40 years old.

However, according to the rules of the lottery, the video from the security camera is not enough to get a win. To do this, the winner must show a picture or a copy of the front and back of the lost ticket. If the player fails to provide the requested proof of his victory, a one-time payment of $19.7 million will go to the improvement of public schools in California.

Earlier it was reported about a resident of the Irish city of Dublin, who purchased a winning lottery ticket and almost threw it in the trash. His daughter offered him to play the lottery.