OREANDA-NEWS  Residents of Chukotka and Kamchatka were the first in Russia to celebrate the New Year, which comes in these regions nine hours before Moscow - at 15:00 Moscow time. Many traditionally stayed at home at the holiday table with family and friends, and after the arrival of 2019, people go to the square to celebrate the holiday festivities.

"We first celebrate the holiday at home, make a wish under the chiming clock, and then go to the square <...> The main event in the district capital [Anadyr] will be tonight festivities in the Central square, where people will come to 01:00 (16:00 GMT). The program includes congratulations of Father Frost and snow Maiden, dances, songs, humor, fun, competitions," was told in the government of the Chukotka Autonomous district.

Residents of all Chukotka will come to the main squares of their cities and villages by 01:00 (16:00 GMT). They are waiting for concerts, discos, games and competitions. The celebration will last almost two weeks, residents will compete in national sports, hockey and even "football in boots".

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky people also prefer to celebrate the holiday at home. But for those who still wanted to celebrate it at the main tree of Kamchatka, animators work on Lenin square.

But the main festive celebrations in the city will begin only in the evening of January 1. As told TASS in the government of Kamchatka, first the citizens will congratulate the first persons of the city and the region, and then - the main characters of the event, Santa Claus. After the welcoming words, congratulations and wishes for the citizens, a festive new year's salute will sound: the sky over the capital of the Kamchatka territory will be illuminated by 1.5 thousand volleys.

After that, a festive program with concerts, games, competitions and dances will begin in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Guests of the holiday will be entertained by fairy-tale characters. Free hot aromatic tea will help you to warm up on a festive winter evening.

Happy New Year, our dear readers!