OREANDA-NEWS. The play "The First Bread" with the participation of Lia Akhedzhakova was not removed from the repertoire of the Sovremennik theater, its next show will take place in the new season on October 3, the theater administration told the press on Tuesday, September 14.

Earlier, the media reported that the production of "The First Bread" at the Sovremennik theater caused a resonance because of the obscene monologue of the heroine Lia Akhedzhakova at the grave of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War and allegedly after criticism, the play disappeared from the theater's poster.

"The theater works according to its own laws. The play "The First bread" was not removed from the repertoire. Its next shows will take place after the opening of the new season on October 3 and 4. Tickets for this production have been on sale since the end of August, " the administration said.

Sovremennik traditionally opens the season on the birthday of its founder Oleg Efremov-October 1. This year, the theater will start the season with a performance staged by artistic director Viktor Ryzhakov " Forever Alive. History in the faces".