OREANDA-NEWS The fact that the Embassy of Ukraine called to ban the screening of the film "T-34" in the United States said in a statement of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Facebook.

"The Embassy called on cinemas to refuse to demonstrate the film, which openly distributes and popularizes the modern aggression of Russia in the world, the victim of which was Ukraine, using the historical memory of the heroes of the Second World War", — said the Ukrainian diplomats.

The Embassy also thanked the representatives of the Ukrainian community in the United States, who "have already managed to stop the film screenings in their cities."

In addition, the Ukrainian diplomatic mission asked "all other activists to join the common efforts "and to call on local cinemas to" ban the screening " of the Russian film.

Russian blockbuster "T-34" successfully goes to dozens of theaters in the U.S. Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, as well as in Toronto, Canada.

And this is after two American cinemas surrendered under pressure from a group of Ukrainian nationalists who attacked them with calls and threatening letters.

In San Francisco canceled the screening of the Russian film "T-34". This was announced by the Director of the film distributor in North America Alexander Belyakov.

According to this information, the owner of the cinema was intimidated by a group of people.

"The show, which was to be held on February 21 at the San Francisco cinema, was disrupted due to the unhealthy reaction of certain radicals who saw propaganda in the film," Belyakov said.

He noted that there were also attempts to disrupt the screening of the film in Boston.

Earlier, actor Alexander Petrov in an interview with the newspaper" Izvestia "told about the filming of"T-34".