OREANDA-NEWS. Warner Bros has released the official trailer for the film «The Matrix. Resurrection», which is the continuation of the fantastic trilogy of the Wachowski brothers/sisters. The video was published on Youtube channel.

The video says that Neo exists in the world of the Matrix, bears the name of Thomas Anderson and visits a psychotherapist, trying to unravel dreams that indicate his Chosen nature. Apparently, he does not remember anything about his former life: he takes some blue pills and meets Trinity in the world of the Matrix, but they do not recognize each other.

However, the situation changes after meeting a man who looks like Morpheus and offers him a red pill, and a mysterious blue-haired girl who opens a certain door for him. It is possible that the new film will be devoted, among other things, to restoring Neo's memory of past events: whether he is the same hero as in the previous trilogy or a new incarnation of the Chosen One, about the multiplicity of which the Architect spoke in the film «The Matrix: Reboot», is not yet clear. In the following frames, you can see, among other things, new agents, as well as Trinity, who, apparently, will also have to «remember everything». The video also confirms the premiere date — December 16.