OREANDA-NEWS. Under a large-scale project on modernization of warehouses launched as far back as 2015, the automobile plant of KAMAZ started testing a new train. 

A new train is undergoing tests in the department of operational logistics. It uses roll-in carts instead of hook-on ones. The new train requires much less space for a sharp turn. In order to load and unload components from a special support, one should only press the lever.

The first results of testing are promising. Whereas a usual tractor with towed carts makes a circle from the warehouse to the conveyor of the automobile plant and back for 100 minutes, the new train does it only for 47 minutes. If such a train is used, progressmen are no longer needed, and their functions will be performed by a train driver. He should complete documents at each stop as quickly as possible. The top managers suggest solving this problem with the help of internal electronic document management.