OREANDA-NEWS. The project to create an elongated LADA Vesta Signature is stopped completely. As portal drom.ru informs, the refusal of this car is explained by economic inexpediency, as the construction turns out to be very expensive, and lack of demand makes the organization of mass production unprofitable.

"The company focuses currently on the implementation of the medium-term development plan, within which it is planned to release 12 new models and make 11 facelifts up to 2026. LADA Vesta Signature was assembled in single units for the R & D. All engineering tasks with this car have been completed, in turn, the representative of AVTOVAZ informed "Russian newspaper". According to preliminary data, only four units of Vesta Signature were produced. One of them was driven by the ex-president of AVTOVAZ in engineering Harald Grbel. Another unit belongs to the head of the company Nicolas Maure.

LADA Vesta Signature is an exclusive version of the Lada Vesta sedan with a wheelbase extended by 250 mm, which allowed the increasing of the free legroom for rear passengers by 200 mm. For the elongated Vesta, there is a leather trim around the perimeter of the interior, an individual range of interior colors, original textile carpets with embroidery, original edging of air ducts, upholstery of the gearshift lever made of genuine leather handmade. In addition, the car received additional noise insulation. The sedan was equipped with a 1.8-liter engine with 122 hp and an automated transmission.