OREANDA-NEWS. This conclusion was reached by the analysts of the agency «AUTOSTAT» as a result of the market research of service centers in Russia. In the course of this study, there were selected 69 subjects of the Russian Federation, in which 95% of the car parc is concentrated.

The structure of the Russian auto service market is presented in the following way: 6% - official dealers, 36% - independent STOs and 58% - highly specialized points. Due to local peculiarities (geographical position, age and brand structure of the park, climatic conditions, category and condition of the road surface), the indicated ratios are different in each region. Thus, in Moscow and the Moscow region, the share of official dealers is 7%; Independent service centers - 35%, highly specialized points - 58%.

The smallest share of official dealers (1 - 5%) is available in the regions of the Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts. This is due to the peculiarities of the geographical location and transport infrastructure, which cause certain difficulties in the logistics of delivery of new cars, as well as spare parts to provide warranty service.