OREANDA-NEWS. VSMPO-Avisma Corporation participated in the International Airshow China-2016 that took place in Zhuhai in November, 1-6.

The exposition from Russia appeared to be one of the largest. Over 40 companies of the defence-industrial sector presented their export products.

The booth of the Corporation was placed at the very centre of the main exhibition hall. In Zhuhai the VSMPO-Avisma Corporation presented its forgings, stock for engine parts rough machined for different aircraft and engine-construction programs, and also specimens of aluminum and titanium semi-finished products. The Corporation’s managers conducted several successful meetings with representatives of Chinese aircraft and engine-construction companies.

The hosts of the Airshow China -2016 presented the visitors a pioneering fighter J-20, the first prototype of an amphibian aircraft AG600 Jiaolong, a new transport aircraft Y-20, and also combat helicopters. The civil aircrafts are presented by a regional airliner ARJ21-700.