OREANDA-NEWS. April 18, 2016. IRU, in a discussion as part of the European Truck Platooning Challenge Conference, addressed practical issues on how to make truck platooning a reality in Europe.

It took the opportunity to highlight the regulatory challenges and opportunities that can impact the wider deployment of truck platooning, especially in a cross-border context, calling for the necessary changes in interoperability, liability and operational framework rules to support a more efficient road transport system. Autonomous trucks, communicating with each other, enabling them to travel closer together, makes better use of existing infrastructure and represents the next generation of mobility that can bring efficiency, fuel saving and CO2 reduction benefits.

The presentation at the European Truck Platooning Challenge Conference, established as part of the Dutch presidency of the EU followed the arrival in Rotterdam of platooned trucks in practical cross-border trials that successfully demonstrated the feasibility of such operations. The trials were supported by IRU and saw vehicles travel across Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium & the Netherlands.