OREANDA-NEWS. Merck, a leading science and technology company today announced that the three ground-breaking fertility technologies Gavi(tm), Geri(tm) and Gems(tm) are now available for clinical use in Europe with additional regions to follow in 2016. Having received CE mark certification for the embryo culture media suite Gems(tm) as well as for the consumables of Gavi(tm) and Geri(tm), Merck can now enable customers to fully apply these pioneering technologies and enhance control and consistency in their assisted reproductive treatment (ART) processes. For best support within the clinic and enhanced connectivity, Geri(tm) will be available with the additional software module Geri(tm) Connect + Assess which provides clinicians with further help in evaluating the embryo development potential.

"Being able to bring Gavi(tm), Geri(tm) and Gems(tm) to market so quickly shows how Merck is examining every angle of how fertility treatment outcomes can be improved - from recognizing new technologies to increasing access for patients. Through our work with clinics, we know that fertility laboratories aim to increase the success rate in ART through improved control during embryo development," said Rehan Verjee, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Merck's biopharma business. "With these needs of physicians and embryologists in mind, we have aligned our key priorities and are happy to see Gavi(tm), Geri(tm) and Gems(tm) in full clinical use. These innovative technologies are just the start of our commitment to further expand our portfolio of practical solutions to support women and couples in achieving their dream of having a baby."

All three fertility technologies products were developed to help clinics improve and facilitate treatment decisions using standardized, automated protocols and objective information. In particular, the software module Geri(tm) Connect + Assess represents another step towards a suite of software solutions that Merck will soon provide with the goal to further drive innovation in the IVF lab.