OREANDA-NEWS. FastForward Innovations, an AIM listed company trading under the symbol FFWD, announces that its investee company Yooya has added five new content partners to its online video network. These new partners represent the value of Yooya's offering to content creators, while bolstering its network with a cumulative 200 million lifetime video views.

Lorne Abony CEO of FastForward said "Yooya's continued growth in the Chinese Online Video space is a testament to its value proposition to content creators and advertisers. Yooya is building a top destination for Global advertisers to reach the Chinese audience with leading edge, video based ad technology".

Yooya's technology platform is a one-stop solution to manage the distribution, analytics and monetisation of video content. This platform allows both creators and advertisers to reach a wide audience of users within China, where the online video market is highly fragmented. Advertisers can leverage Yooya's network to reach their target audience.

Yooya's news release reads as follows:

Yooya, one of China's fastest growing online video networks, revealed that the company has recently signed five new video rights owners as content partners, helping to further fill China's voracious appetite for online entertainment.

The new content partners include Automobile Onion Rings, Baozou Automobile, gourmet channel Kitchen Pose, Shuang Music, and comedy channel Amikun.  The new content partners between them have accrued over 200 million lifetime views.

Driven by the rapidly expanding demand for such compelling content online, and an innovative B2B offering that blends key distribution, rights management, and advertising solutions, Yooya is confident of attracting even more content partners to its online video network.

"China already has more than three times the number of online video consumers than the United States, with tremendous growth still ahead, so leading-edge advertisers are increasingly turning to online video as the go-to media for reaching their target demographics as effectively as possible," says CEO Rick Myers.

"What's been missing from the market so far though is the ability to easily and cost effectively bring the right video content and distribution partners into the advertising equation at scale."

Yooya's platform is great news for brands and advertising agencies in particular, who now have a single point of content for reaching millions of video consumers across all major video platforms in China, now that the Yooya network unites all the relevant business partners: content creators, online video platforms, and advertisers.

About Yooya

Yooya is one of China's fastest growing online video networks and provides comprehensive content distribution, rights management, and video-based advertising solutions.

Yooya's one-stop, technology-driven approach delivers broader distribution, better data & analytics, superior monetization, and more effective video advertising solutions to the company's clients.