OREANDA-NEWS. For the 100th anniversary of the BMW brand, Automotive Tradition, Bosch's classic car division has reproduced the BMW M1 starter in line with historic production records. This so-called Reverse Engineering Project – from the idea to the finished product – was realised in only four months in cooperation with BMW Classic. Drive bearing and pinion for the starter were newly constructed and further parts were taken from BMW's current serial production. It can thus be ensured that necessary spare parts are also available in the future. The starter for the BMW M1 is fully in line with all production standards of the original equipment. When the BMW M1 entered the market in 1978, its maximum speed of about 260 km/h made it the fastest serial vehicle that was produced in Germany. 450 of the mid-mounted engine sports cars were built until 1981, most of them as the street version. Today, the M1 is a classic icon that enthuses fans all over the world.

Further products for the BMW M-series in the exchange supply programme
Besides the relaunched M1 starter, further products for BMW's M-series are available in the Automotive Tradition supply programme. There is also the M1 generator, which is still part of the Bosch Exchange programme. The generator for the M3 (E30) as well as the starter for the M5 (E34) were re-issued as exchange product especially for BMW Classic. The starter for the M3 and the generator for the M5 are also available as spare parts in the Bosch Exchange programme. Bosch Automotive Tradition thus contributes to keep the legendary M-series BMW on the road.

Generator regulator and starter batteries mirror historical models
Bosch Automotive Tradition has already been off to a good start with reverse engineering products by e.g. relaunching the widely used 12 volt direct current generator regulator. In its original design combined with state-of-the-art technology, it ensures constant voltage in the vehicle's on-board system for both volume vehicles, such as the VW Beetle, and tractors. But also Bosch's well-known black starter batteries featuring the historical original design and a modern inner life are available again. Bosch Automotive Tradition initially offered six 6-volt versions, and now also has 12-volt versions of the batteries featuring the black original plastic casing in its programme.