OREANDA-NEWS. Though there are always many exciting announcements revealed at Connections, it never fails that Salesforce customers steal the show. Nothing resonates more than hearing directly from the world’s best digital marketers on how they achieve their success.

Connections 2016 was no exception. The Marketing Cloud keynote featured industry leaders including GM OnStar, Weight Watchers, and Nestle Waters. Let’s check out how Marketing Cloud is helping each to deliver 1-to-1 customer experiences across digital channels such as email, mobile, social, digital advertising and the web.

GM OnStar Drives 1-to-1 Experiences

Brian Wade, Chief Product Officer of Marketing Cloud, kicked things off by describing how GM OnStar is continuing to innovate and deliver personalized experiences using Journey Builder, Audience Builder, and Advertising Studio.

GM OnStar pioneered the world’s first connected car. Today, OnStar has evolved into an in-dash communications center to deliver highly relevant experiences for on-the-go consumers. It connects communities of merchants—like coffee shops, gas stations and restaurants—with passengers to provide timely offers, services and more. As Mark Llloyd, Consumer Online Officer, GM OnStar explained, “Marketing Cloud has transformed OnStar from a marketing platform to an interaction platform that delivers contextual marketing in the moment.” 

Weight Watchers Makes Healthy Living Personal

Long known for its diet programs, Weight Watchers has transformed into a full service for wellness and health. According to Loic Vienne, VP, Enterprise Systems for Weight Watchers, Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio, Personalization Builder, and Mobile Studio enable the company to support its members throughout their fitness journey. He explained, “When a member comes to us, their goals are personal, and they want a personal level of support. Whether they join through one of our service providers or through our website, our communications must honor that desire.”

Weight Watchers is using Marketing Cloud to tailor messages based on the individual needs of each member. For example, when a new member completes their self-assessment, the information triggers a series of personalized emails that include details of what the member can expect and tools and resources best suited to their goals. Members can also receive SMS messages, alerting them to benefits like invite-only conference calls with Oprah Winfrey. 

Nestle Waters Taps Into Consumers 

Nestle Waters provides over 24 billion bottles of water a year. Whether it’s Perrier consumed in a restaurant, Poland Springs from a convenience store, or San Pellegrino purchased from a vending machine, behind every bottle is a consumer.

For Antonio Sciuto, AVP and CMO of Nestle Waters North America, every beverage sold represents an opportunity to engage with consumers. Yet until recently, he recognized he knew very little about his brand loyalists and had few ways of reaching them.

Today, Nestle Waters has addressed the challenge with Marketing Cloud. Social Studio provides insights into consumer conversations, enabling the company to listen for, gain insights from, and engage in conversations across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. Journey Builder, Automation Studio, Predictive Intelligence and Web Studio are central to the digital strategy, coordinating personalized consumer experiences that support initiatives like the company’s new home delivery service, and even connected coolers that can engage consumers at the point of purchase.