OREANDA-NEWS. On May 20, 2008 this decision was taken by the company’s owners at the General Shareholders Meeting, reported the press-centre of SCM Group.

In the Supervisory Board of the insurance company ASKA Iliya Arkhipov will represent SCM’s affiliated company SCM Finance Limited, Cyprus (the former name – STARRAY Limited), which owns and controls corporate rights of the insurance assets of SCM Group (ASKA and ASKA-Life).

Earlier as a part of the corporate restructuring programme SCM had transferred its shareholdings of insurance companies ASKA (73.92%) and ASKA-life (55.67%) to its affiliated company SCM Finance Limited, Cyprus. Thus the corporate rights of insurance companies of SCM Group will now be owned and controlled by one industry oriented holding – SCM Finance ltd, Cyprus.

Short profile of the companies:
System Capital Management is a professional investor, which owns and controls assets in mining and metals, energy-generating industries, telecommunications, banking, insurance, media, as well as retail and real estate sectors.

In particular, SCM Group includes Metinvest Holding, DTEK, Farlep-Invest, Optima-Telecom, Syegodnya Multimedia, TRK Ukraina, ESTA Holding, Ukrainskiy Retail, and others.

SCM is 90% owned by businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

ASKA is a universal insurance business providing insurance protection on 16 voluntary and 10 obligatory insurance types.

Its regional network includes 36 branches and 66 representative offices in all Ukrainian regions and an office in Moscow.

The company’s authorized fund amount to UAH64,584 million (about \\$13 miilion).