OREANDA-NEWS  On 28 October was announced, that the TEST Research and Development Center of Independent Consumer Expertise tested the quality of the milk chocolate available at the Ukrainian market. The key feature of the chocolate test is the check for genuineness and safety.

Nine chocolate brands (Korona, Roshen, Svitoch, Dolci, Lubimov, DominiC Poltava, Milka, Cadbury). In addition to the traditional test phases - the estimation of the labeling and packaging, as well as the organoleptic estimation - special attention was given to the determination whether the chocolate was genuine or manufactured with the use of substitutes, and whether the product was safe.

According to the Consumer's Guide official webpage http://www.test.org.ua/, "The leader is the Roshen-branded chocolate, having been granted the excellent mark throughout all the parameters of our testing."