OREANDA-NEWS. October 29, 2008. SibCOTES’ engineers completed the engineering and design documentation for the boiler control system of boiler E-120 No.3, at TPP Fria (Republic of Guinea). The design was undertaken in association with Alfa-Integratsiya, which acted as Subcontractor for the project.
The new E-120-9.9-490M boiler will be supplied by Barnaul department of EMAlliance, to replace the existing dismantled boiler No.3. Alfa-Integratsiya will supply a DCS Honeywell Experion PKS control system. The Plant is currently being made ready for the installation of the main equipment with procurement of equipment scheduled for December, 2008. 
SibCOTES had previously performed the commissioning of the control and management system for boiler No.5 at the TPP Fria facility. Aleksandr Mayer, SibCOTES’ Project Manager, noted that unlike boiler No.5, this new design provides for an automated control system to cover the whole range of control functions for the boiler unit and its auxiliary equipment, including a number of data information tasks, such as emergency data registration, display of operating parameters and daily records generation.  
Under the terms of the engineering contract the package of documentation was translated by SibCOTES into French.  The Contract also calls for commissioning of the control system, with the work scheduled to start in February, 2009.