OREANDA-NEWS. On 12 January 2009 was announced, that the 7th international specialized exhibition of cables, wires, fastening hardware, and installation technologies will be held on 03.02.2009 — 06.02.2009 in Sokolniki Exhibition Center.

Cabex (Cable, Wire and Accessories)— The 7th International specialized exhibition of cables, wires, fastening hardware, and installation technologies. The exposition will present cable, wire, special equipment, testing means and methods, scientific researches and developments, assembling and installation technologies, methods and means of cable and wire repair, electric motor building as an application sphere of cable and wire, standardization and certification. The section of environmental stewardship is worth special attention. CABEX will demonstrate domestic and foreign innovations in the field of cable, wire, and fastening hardware. It contributes to the implementation of the state-of-the-art technologies in manufacture, strengthening of scientific and technical partnership and development of cooperation ties between producers, suppliers and consumers.

The subjects of Cabex are oriented at power and wire specialists, builders, oil and gas experts and others involved in or closely connected with this particular filed. Over the 5-year’s period this fair has obtained an international acclaim and is considered to be the pride of the organizers. Cabex is the leading specialized exhibition of cable products, which from year to year draws more and more attention of professionals. Such progress can be proved by an annual increase in participant and visitor figures and exhibit space as well. This year installment will see over 150 companies from 13 countries of the world: England, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. The exhibit space totals 4800 sq.m. The list of exhibitors encompasses well-known companies, which are accepted leaders of the industry. They master production of new types of cable and wire, striving to meet existing demand and current technical and ecological requirements.

The exhibition Cabex has become a cornerstone event for the cable industry and occupies a flagship position among the international specialized fairs held in Russia. Cabex is a traditional meeting place where the whole community of the renowned representatives of the cable industry from all over the globe converges. Scientific and business events held within the framework of the fair enjoy great popularity among participants and guests. This year will enable cable customers and manufacturers to take up a two-day’s training seminar.