OREANDA-NEWS. June 30, 2010. OJSC KAMAZ takes part in the 4th International Salon of Weapons and Military Equipment MVSV 2010 which will open tomorrow, on 30 June, in Zhukovsky within the bounds of the 1st International Forum “Technologies in Mechanical Engineering 2010”.

Vehicles on KAMAZ chassis with their perfect technical and tactical characteristics form the most numerous group in the vehicle fleet of the RF Armed Forces – about 50 thousand units. Over 350 models of military equipment are mounted on KAMAZ chassis.

OJSC KAMAZ presents its equipment with up-to-date technical and tactical characteristics at the exhibition.

One of the “gems” of the exposition is the legendary KAMAZ-43501-VDV (on the basis of the KAMAZ-4350 vehicle) made by OJSC KAMAZ in close cooperation with the Main Directorate of the RF Airborne Troops. The vehicle differs from its analogues produced in Russia and the CIS countries in its design features enabling to airdrop it on a parachute platform.

The armoured vehicle KAMAZ-43269 Vystrel is acknowledged to be splendid, being not inferior to the T-80 UK tank in its cross-country ability. Consumers in the Russian Army and abroad appreciated the KAMAZ-6560 (8x8), the most high-powered vehicle of the Kama automobile plant at MVSV 2010: its brand engine produces 400 Horsepower. Another KAMAZ’s heavy-duty vehicle is the most high-powered representative of the Mustang line – KAMAZ-6350 (8x8). It is presented in the version of a drop-side truck tractor with secondary protection equipment at the exhibition. Its upgraded version – the artillery tractor KAMAZ-63501 with an armoured cab and a habitable module for a team – always attracts specialists’ heightened attention at such events. One of the most reliable models of military equipment is the world-famous multipurpose vehicle KAMAZ-5350 (6x6). The multipurpose armoured vehicle equipped with an armoured cab and a functional module MM-501 is presented at MVSV 2010.

The portable diesel-engine electrical power plant ED100-T400-1RP is indispensable in the field. It is made on the basis of a KAMAZ 740.19-200 engine, mounted under an all-weather hood and on a trailer chassis. Electric equipment installed on the trailer enables to deliver electric power to remote settlements, institutions, enterprises, warehouses and depots with the help of the truck tractor as soon as possible.

The visitors of the exhibition will be able to see some of the presented models in a dynamic show. Besides KAMAZ’s equipment demonstrated in dynamic and static shows, OJSC KAMAZ is presented as a promising partner and a reliable producer on the stand of Russian Technologies State Corporation in the exhibition hall.

Emphasizing the role of the Kama automobile giant Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Prime Minister once noted that KAMAZ was “becoming even more significant not only for the Russian automobile industry, but also for the domestic economy on the whole, producing competitive products both domestically and abroad”. KAMAZ’s workers try to make products corresponding to so high an assessment.