OREANDA-NEWS. July 05, 2010. It stipulates the creation in the country of Energy Efficiency Agency by means of reorganization of the National Energy Saving Agency the activity of which was suspended earlier due to becoming self-financed.

The new structure will be financed from state budget. The adopted Law on Energy Efficiency stipulates the creation in Moldova of necessary prerequisites for the increase of energy consumption efficiency and the decrease of losses, for expanded use of renewable energy sources’ potential, for development of potential of energy production and renewable fuel. The document provides for developing by economic agents and local authorities of programs on the increase of energy efficiency, shows the requirements for these programs, and requirements for standardization, certification, metrology, activity on energy-audit, state examination in energy efficiency sector.

The mechanisms on financial support of the projects on the increase of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources are identified in the law. The law specifies the requirements to energy consumers regarding energy efficiency. At present, the national economy depends on import of energy sources, energy intensiveness exceeds by 3 times the energy intensiveness of developed countries, so, energy purchases require heavier expenses and influence considerably on the competitiveness of local services and goods.

Taking this into account, the achievement of goals on the increase of energy efficiency and diversification of energy sources is a very important task. The presence of legislation favors the dynamic activity in effective energy consumption sector and the use of renewable energy resources potential is the main condition for the increase of energy safety of the country. At the same time, joining of Moldova to the Energy Partnership Agreement provides for amendment and additions to the national legislation in energy sector according to European one.