OREANDA-NEWS. July 07, 2010. Varyeganneftegaz, a subsidiary of TNK-BP, has extracted 30 million tons of oil at Verkhnekolik-Eganskoye since the start of commercial production. Andrey Akimov, Oil Field Director, and Alexander Bykov, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of Varyeganneftegaz, congratulated oil field workers on this occasion, reported the press-centre of TNK-BP.

Verkhnekolik-Eganskoye with a unique composition of oil, oil and gas, and gas beds was discovered in 1986. Its commercial production started in 1990. This is one of TNK-BP’s major assets generating over 75% of total production of Varyeganneftegaz. The productive interval of the field has 62 beds. Verkhnekolik-Eganskoye is one of the most remote fields operated by Varyeganneftegaz and the teams work on a rotational basis.

The field’s potential remains high. Its further development is associated with drilling of new wells based on exploration drilling results, building up geological and engineering operations and development of new zones. The field is also being prepared for the development of gas-condensate and gas stratums. Verkhnekolik-Eganskoye was the first field in the region to implement new technology: drilling of horizontal wells and dual injection of working agents into various stratums of the reservoir pressure maintenance system. Design is currently being developed for the vacuum gas-compressor station and gas-turbine power station for utilization of associated petroleum gas and generation of own electricity.

The field’s current production amounts to 4,600 tons of oil daily.