OREANDA-NEWS. July 16, 2010. Starting from July, TEO LT, AB, the largest provider of integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services in Lithuania, will send its customers bills and envelopes printed on paper that has been manufactured using only recycled paper. This environmental sustainability initiative will be allow saving more than 1000 trees every year.

For several years already, TEO has been actively urging its customers to refuse receiving paper bills and instead get them a much more convenient electronic form. The initiative has already been supported by nearly half – 47 percent customers, however the yearly consumption of paper for bills and envelopes still remains about 51 tons.

According to Egle Gudelyte-Harvey, Director of Corporate Administration and Legal Affairs Unit of TEO, the manufacture of paper from recycled materials not only reduces deforestation, but also consumes less energy than its manufacture in the usual manner. In addition, chlorine compounds, which have a negative impact on the environment and human health, are not used for the bleaching of such paper, so it is brownish in colour.

 “We will continue to encourage customers to refuse paper bills and, by using modern methods of receiving them, contribute to environmental sustainability”, - E. Gudelyte-Harvey said.

More than a year ago, TEO started to use of eco-friendly paper, for the manufacture of which only the trees grown in specially managed areas and for paper bleaching – materials less harmful to the environment are used. The new initiative of TEO will enable us to leave much less harmful traces on our planet.

TEO is one of the companies most actively implementing and promoting environmental initiatives in Lithuania. In January, special containers for waste telecommunications equipment were installed in most of the Company’s customer care centres. Waste modems or telephones dropped off by customers in these containers are transported to recycling centres. It is also possible to bring and drop off used batteries and accumulators for recycling into special containers.

Last year, the Company implemented a waste sorting system in most of its office buildings all over Lithuania. This system enables collecting used plastic and paper.

Implementing various environmental initiatives, since the beginning of 2008 TEO has been carrying out the project Save Resources and Change Yourself. By this project, TEO Group employees are encouraged to save energy, water, paper and other natural resources and to reduce environmental pollution. At the IPRA Golden World Awards 2009 organised by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), the project Save Resources and Change Yourself was awarded with a Special Prize in the internal communications category. Last year, TEO was recognized as the greenest enterprise in Lithuania.