OREANDA-NEWS. July 19, 2010. The reaffirmed high rating is propped up by company’s well-entrenched market position and continuously solid performance. As a year earlier, agency experts highlighted the high equity adequacy ratio (H1 equaled 22.7% as of 01.04.2010), the sustained low NPL level (the NPL level equaled 1.7% as of 01.04.2010) and the solid level of the Bank’s collateralized loans. The Expert RA analysts also gave a positive evaluation of Bank’s notably well-diversified borrowed funds and a high quality of the security portfolio.

A+ credit rating is assigned to a lending institution when it is able in the near term with a high degree of likelihood to ensure the due discharge of all of its obligations, current as well as unscheduled. The ability to discharge obligations in the mid-term period is highly dependent on the sustainability of the macroeconomic climate and market performance.