OREANDA-NEWS. July 21, 2010. Yandex rolled out a new version of Yandex.Mail for open beta testing. The key implemented feature is enhanced performance. The new Yandex.Mail instantly responds to user’s input. The current version can be upgraded to the new release using the account settings.

The new Yandex.Mail is based on Ajax technologies that allow to handle data in a more compact format and decrease the number of browser requests resulting in lower server load and faster webmail response.

The new Yandex.Mail interface design has not been significantly changed to make the transition more comfortable for the users. The new nice and handy options include themes – the users can now personalize their mailbox by choosing any of the available skins, from juicy to sporty. The Yandex.Mail account is, as always, user-friendly and practical – messages can be easily grouped, filtered and labeled, new events marked in the calendar, and, of course, all spam filtered out.