OREANDA-NEWS. February 08, 2011. Amadeus served Air Astana the notice for termination of distribution services effective 21st January 2011, based on an alleged breach of contract.

Air Astana immediately contested the alleged breach, asking Amadeus to withdraw the termination notice. Air Astana started a legal process against Amadeus by filing for an injunction against Amadeus’ actions in the Spanish Civil Court.

On 3rd February 2011, the Spanish Civil Court did not uphold Amadeus’ action, and granted an injunction in favour of Air Astana. The Court has required Amadeus to reinstate its services with immediate effect.

As a result of Air Astana’s successful court action, it will once again be possible for Air Astana flights to be booked and ticketed worldwide through Amadeus. Air Astana would like to apologise to its agents and customers for the inconvenience faced during the period that Amadeus terminated its services based on an alleged breach.