OREANDA-NEWS. February 11, 2011. The Safer Internet Academy, taking place for the third consecutive year, will start its tour through Lithuania next week. On the TEOBUS, which is going to visit ten cities, lecturers will invite school pupils to learn to recognize the potential dangers and threats of virtual life and will tell how to avoid them.

The project is organized by the Centre of Information Technologies of Education under the Ministry of Education and Science, Communications Regulatory Authority and TEO LT, AB on the occasion of the Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated in more than 65 countries around the world.

It is planned that the TEOBUS, which will be touring around Lithuania until 6 May 2011, will be visited by approximately 2.5 thousand school pupils. Four lessons will be held every day in each city of the tour - about 100 lessons in total. Those who complete the lecture course will receive special graduation diplomas of the Safer Internet Academy. In 2009 and 2010, the Safer Internet Academy visited nearly 20 cities of the country and was attended by over 3.7 thousand school pupils and their parents.

According to Valdas Kaminskas, Director of Corporate Communication Division of TEO, specific cases in Lithuania, as well as in other countries, show that in virtual life children are still too open, trustful and, as result, get severely affected.

"On the Internet, as in real life, the same precautionary principles apply - be extremely careful when communicating with strangers, do not share personal information, think before expressing views or publishing photos",- V. Kaminskas said.
This year, a new website has launched for parents concerned about the safety of their children on the Internet - www.teo.lt/saugesnio-interneto-akademija, which contains the links collected by the Academy's organizers and partners with tips, educational video material and other relevant methodological materials on safer Internet issues.

Lectures of the Safer Internet Academy will take place in the following cities of Lithuania:

14-15 February - Karaimu st.53, Trakai (the parking lot near Apvalaus Stalo Klubas);
22-25 February - Municipality Square, Vilnius;
2-4 March - Vienybes Square (close to the War Museum), Kaunas;
16-18 March - Laisves Square, Panevezhys;
24-25 March - Shv. Prancishkaus Square, Mazheikiai;
31 March-1 April - Turgaus Square, Telshiai;
7-8 April - Vilniaus st. 200, Shiauliai;
14-15 April - Senamieschio Square, Plunge;
28-29 April - Rotushes Square, Alytus;
5-6 May - at the intersection of Basanavichiaus st. and Birutлs ave., Palanga.

Teachers can register school pupils of forms III-IX for the Safer Internet Academy on the website at www.draugiskasinternetas.lt. On this website, you can find more information about safe Internet and events of the Safer Internet Day.