OREANDA-NEWS. February 21, 2011. This year, aimed at "Best Performance within the Industry", Baosteel Co.,Ltd. will focus on  product management, cost improvement, capacity building and environmental management, constantly adapt itself to new competitive requirements and create new competitive advantages, reported the press-centre of Baosteel.

This year, the steel industry will show a "high-cost, high price and low profit" pattern. Faced with the complex and volatile situation, Baosteel considers both opportunities and challenges, revolves on Baosteel Group requirements raised in annual work conference " enhance ability, promote the second venture, and make a stronger and better Baosteel" and with "building the world's most competitive steel company" as its goal, strives to achieve a steady listed company profit growth.

In terms of product management, Baosteel will actively adapt to market changes and meet customer requirements, be product profitability-oriented, optimize product structure and strengthen profitability. This year it will accelerate the pace in the development of sheets with auto sheets as focus and heavy plates with nuclear power steel and TMCP ship plates as focus . It will accelerate silicon development and application. It will keep its edge in cold-rolled auto sheets, home appliances plates, engineering and mechanical steel and expand the sales of exclusive and leading products.

Baosteel will focus on reducing the cost of technology, deepen cost improvement and enhance cost control. It will carry out stable blast furnace production, reduce the cost of hot metal, increase manufacturing capacity and reduce the cost of quality. It will optimize procurement, reduce raw materials fuel and spare part procurement costs. It will pursue effective equipment maintenance, improve energy cost and other special costs. It will find and eliminate loopholes in management and tap the potential for cost efficiency.

Developing service-first manufacturing industry, improving customer-centric enterprise operating mechanism are important measure for Baosteel Co',Ltd. to enhance the capacity and to adapt to market changes. Baosteel will focus on customers' needs and promote product management. It will develop cross-sectoral, cross-product line, cross-regional operations coordination and enhance the whole process collaboration capabilities. It will strengthen the market and site coordination and strive to improve customer satisfaction.

Environmental management is an important strategy for Baosteel to implement differentiated competition. Baosteel will further promote energy management and control system and environmental management system and combine energy saving, clean production and production management. It will carry out the technical marketing from the perspective of environmental management. It will strengthen the R&D of low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection key technologies and their applications.