OREANDA-NEWS. December 5, 2011. Enabling computational environments for utilizing analysis applications to be built quickly due to initial operational testing.
Fujitsu today announced the launch of three services in Japan, from its TC Cloud family of cloud services for analytical simulations: (1) Analytical Platform Service Standard Class(1), which provides a computational environment for conducting analytical simulations; (2) Analytical Platform Service High-Performance Class; and (3) Analytical Help Desk, which provides support for running analytical simulations.

Analytical Platform Service Standard Class provides access to a computational environment for conducting analytical simulations that is ideal for medium-scale parallel computations. The service is available starting from a single node for a period of at least one month. Analytical Platform Service High-Performance Class, which is intended for large-scale parallel computations, provides a high-performance computing environment connected to a high-speed network. Analytical Help Desk delivers deployment as well as operational support and training for running analytical simulations.

Fujitsu has been testing the operation of analysis applications, sold by Fujitsu and independent software vendors, on these analytical platforms (such as structural analysis, form analysis, electromagnetic wave analysis, and thermal fluid analysis), making it possible for customers to quickly build and utilize computational environments with these applications.

The new service enables customers to optimize their computational resources and flexibly respond to sudden demand by allowing them to quickly scale their resources up or down in accordance with fluctuations in their need to run analyses. Moreover, as users do not have to worry about operating or maintaining ICT equipment, they can instead focus their time on analytical work.

These cloud services are currently available only for customers based in Japan. Service release schedules outside Japan have not yet been determined.