OREANDA-NEWS. December 26, 2011. Vanity of daily life offers a valuable occasion to remember fidelity to traditions. It is well within our reach to slow down a prompt sequence of events, and everyone does it in his own way. For the X-mas period, Stella Artois will be available in a special packaging of a limited series: vintage design reminiscent of alternation of generations, and the stainless steel container reminding that the main thing in life remains invariable, despite the epoch.

For the first time welded specially for Christmas, Stella Artois can truly be considered the real Christmas beer. This beer has turned out pure and bright as a star; therefore it was named "Stella Artois" – "The Star of Artua" ("stella" is a "star' in Latin). Stella Artois' logo has a star now in memory of Christmas events.

Especially for X-mas, Stella Artois presents an exclusive series of 0.75L bottles which are distinguished by unique design, imitation of ancient glass and vintage style. The bottles have a special charm due to a stopper made of natural wood which underlines rich traditions and high quality of Stella Artois beer.

0.5L Stella Artois' beer will also take on a celebratory form: its design features traditional Christmas red & white colors, and the star sparkles gold.

One thing is invariable - the refinement and excellent taste of the best known lager in the world.