OREANDA-NEWS. February 3, 2012. Taxes and other obligatory payments in amount of 762 billion tenge was provided to consolidated budget of Astana city in 2011, it increased on 154.4 billion tenge or 25.4% in compare with 2010.

It includes, 95.7 billion tenge came to local budget revenues, in compare with the previous year, tax incomes grown on 15.4 billion tenge or 19.2%. This allowed to local executive authorities of health, education and social protection fields successfully implement assigned tasks.

Thanks to activities on collection of  the tax debt, as well as strengthening cooperation with prosecutors, judicial and financial police, arrears of taxes and other obligatory payments fell by nearly in a half, from  22 644.2 million tenge to 12 169 million tenge, or on 46.2%.

These figures illustrate the work of tax authorities of Astana on execution of the Head of State orders on necessity to reduce dependence of the city budget from allocated transfers and credits, to expand a tax base and reducing tax arrears, orders on further development of the capital were given at a meeting on June 3, 2011.

In order to increase quality of tax administration, a unique project “Smart Astana” is being implemented in Astana, the main task is to transform our capital into one of the technically advanced and intellectually developed city in the world, an issue on creating a single, actual, integrated database of authorized bodies is being considered, the database will be based on geo-informational technologies on the base of satellite images.

This project will advance to develop a potential of tax services through the implementation of geo-information portal with land cadastral number data, real estates cadastral data, as well as to merger with other databases, for example a database of the Department of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs of Astana city with a database of tax authorities and etc.

The solution of this issue will allow to increase the budget revenues, as well as to improve quality of state services.