OREANDA-NEWS. February 13, 2012. According to application received from OJSC Concern KALINA on its securities delisting from the MICEX Stock Exchange, as well as taking into account Mandatory Tender Offer received by OJSC Concern KALINA from OOO Unilever Rus on January, 10 2012 the following decisions by MICEX Stock Exchange (Order #82-p dated February, 06 2012) were taken:

From February, 22 2012 trading of the following securities listed in Quotation list B of Securities List of The MICEX Stock Exchange is suspended:

Ordinary shares of OJSC Concern KALINA (trading code - KLNA)

From February, 24 2012 trading of ordinary shares of OJSC Concern KALINA (trading code - KLNA) on MICEX is ceased.

From February, 24 2012 ordinary shares of OJSC Concern KALINA (trading code - KLNA) are delisted from Quotation List B of MICEX Securities List.

Please note that in view of forthcoming delisting payment codes of KALINA's shares will be limited:

From February, 07 2012 admissible codes are those providing execution of transactions not later than February, 16 2012.

From February, 17 2012 the only admissible code is T0.

About KALINA. JSC Concern Kalina is one of the leading Russian cosmetics producers. The leading brands of the company are Black Pearl, Pure Line, 100 Recipes of Beauty and Silky Hands - among skin-care products; 32 and Forest Balm- among oral care products.

Concern Kalina consists of its parent enterprise in Ekaterinburg and several subsidiaries, including Pallada Ukraine (Ukraine), Glavskazka International (Russia), Kalina Overseas Holding B. V. (Netherlands), Kalina International SA (Switzerland), DSN Cosmetics GmbH (Germany) and Rychkon Ltd (Cyprus).