OREANDA-NEWS. February 15, 2012. Siauliu bankas has increased annual interest applied to time deposits in litas and euros placed for the period longer than one year and for deposits in USA dollars placed for the period from one  month to 5 years. Depending on period, amount and currency of deposit interest rates are increased by 0,05 - 0,3 percentage points, reported the press-centre of Siauliu Bankas.

Henceforth Siauliu bankas pays 3,2 per cent for one-year time deposits in litas, while higher interest of 3,9 per cent is paid for the deposits placed for a longer period of 4 to 5 years. Those who prefer saving in foreign currency will also be entitled to the  higher annual deposit interest. The bank pays 3,0 per cent for one-year deposits placed in euros, while the interest paid for the longer period deposits can reach up to 3,7 per cent.

The bank pays 1,8 per cent of annual interest to depositors who place deposits in USA dollars for a six-month period, 2,15 per cent - for a one-year period, and 2,6 per cent placing the time deposits for the longest period, i.e. for 4 -5 years.

Siauliu bankas accepts deposits in six currencies - not only in litas, euros, USA dollars, but also in Great Britain’s pounds sterling, Norwegian krones and Swiss francs. Placing the deposits in pound sterling for a one-year period the depositors are to receive 1,8 per cent of annual interest while 2,45 per cent is paid for deposits in krone and 1,3 per cent - for the deposits placed in francs.

The exact deposit interest can be calculated using a deposit interest calculator on the website of Siauliu bankas after entering a deposit amount, period and selecting the currency.

Moreover, Siauliu bankas pays by 0.15 per cent higher interest for the time deposits placed via the bank’s e-banking system “SB linija” for the period longer than half a year in comparison to the interest paid for the deposits placed in the client service centres, while the interest higher by 0.1 per cent will be paid for the deposits placed via the Internet for the period shorter than half a year.

All deposits with Siauliu bankas are insured in the State Undertaking “Insurance of Deposits and Investments”.