OREANDA-NEWS. February 20, 2012. In 2011, the aggregate insurance premium collected by the Privolzhskaya Directorate of OJSC IC Allianz (ROSNO trademark) amounted to 1.492 bn. roubles, which is 10.4% higher than in 2010. This figure has been achieved thanks to the active development of comprehensive motor insurance, voluntary medical insurance, insurance coverage of civil liability of owners of hazardous facilities, bankassurance, and other business lines, reported the press-centre of ROSNO.

Overall, in 2011, IC Allianz concluded in Povolzh’e 1.557 bn roubles worth of contracts, exceeding the year 2010 figure by 54 mln. roubles. Among 13 regions serviced by the company’s Privolzhskaya Directorate, the leadership position in terms of volume of insurance premium collected has been, as usual, taken by the Nizhny Novgorod branch which accounted for almost one third of the aggregate premium collected last year. A significant growth in premium volume was also achieved by the Saratov and Orenburg branches, which accounted for, respectively, 17.8% and 14.5% of the total volume of insurance premium collected by all branches of the Privolzhskaya Directorate of OJSC IC Allianz.

Comparing to the previous year, growth was observed in the volumes of voluntary medical insurance (VMI) (by 62.2%) and comprehensive motor insurance (MOD) (by 27%), accounting for a large share in the company’s portfolio structure in Povolzh’e regions. A 53% growth was recorded in premium collected from comprehensive transport insurance covering sea, river, air and railway transport. A 22% premium increase was registered in foreign travelers insurance. The increase of insurance premiums was also recorded in bankassurance, including mortgage insurance. In addition, the Directorate saw growth of liability insurance premium.

"Last year was not an easy one, but still we managed to secure stable growth in the insurance lines traditional for Povolzh’e, and bring some promising, in our opinion, insurance programs and products to a new level", comments on the annual performance results Mr. Alexander Yemelin, head of the Privolzhskaya Directorate of OJSC IC Allianz. "In the running year, we mainly aim our efforts to increase our market share in property insurance, agricultural risks insurance and insurance coverage of liability of owners of hazardous facilities. I believe that we will manage to achieve these goals. The legislative amendments enacted from 2012 provide us new opportunities in terms of insurance protection and play an important role in further improvement of insurance culture in the regions".