OREANDA-NEWS. June 08, 2012. The spot-turnover at the Bank Interbank Currency Exchange (BBVB) grew 2.01-fold during the 23rd week of 2012 against the rise of 1.98-fold a week earlier.

BBVB reports that for 4-8 June 2012 turnover of the BBVB Bourse E-System of Trades (BEST) on spot operations in US dollars totaled USD38.1 million against USD18.3 million a week earlier and USD59.205 million for 12–16 March (this year’s still best index for a week).

The best trading week in 2011 was registered on 18-22 April (USD108.76 million), in 2010 on 29 November - 3 December (USD80.88 million) and for the entire history for 16-19 March 2009 (USD276.588 million).

This year BEST turnover on spot deals for June reaches USD40.447 million against USD97.144 million in May, USD54.409 million in April, USD106.658 million in March, USD47.3 million in February and USD82.497 million in January.

In 2011 the best indicator was recorded in December  2011(USD256.59 million), in 2010 - in November (USD165.79 million), in 2009 in March (USD711.456 million, a monthly turnover record for the Exchange’s whole history), in 2008 - in June (USD439.087 million), in 2007 in July (USD310.3 million), in 2006 in December (USD434.432 million),  the 2005 record of USD108.781 million in September, the 2004 record of USD97.59 million in March, the 2003 record of USD100.428 million in December.

The 2012 spot transaction turnover on US dollar still makes up USD438.67 million versus USD1.259 bn in 2011, USD883.569 million in 2010, USD2.009 bn in 2009, USD2.46 bn in 2008 (record over all history of the exchange), USD1.75 bn in 2007, USD1.9 bn in 2006, the 2005 turnover of USD813.284 million, the 2004 turnover record of USD910.97 million and the 2003 turnover of USD438.9 million. Turnover on SWAP-deals for 2012 is still lacking . Such deals were not concluded in 2011 and for 2010 it totaled USD34 million against their turnover of USD260.4 million in 2009 when the best index a month was registered in April (USD67.4 million).

During the 23rd workweek of 2012 the following deals were concluded at BEST with valuation on the same day (T+0): on 4 June turnover totaled USD1.055 million (rate: AZN/USD 0.7848); on 5 June USD7.5 million (rate: AZN/USD 0.7846); on 6 June USD2.6 million (rate: AZN/USD 0.7846); on 7 June USD25.807 million  (rate: AZN/USD 0.7851); on 8 June USD1.1 million (rate:  AZN/USD 0.7851).

Turnover for 16 March (USD51.59 million) is still the best for 2012.

Turnover for 5 June 2008 (USD143.749 million) is the best for entire history of BEST system and turnover of exchange per trading day, but on 13 March BEST spot turnover (USD134.353 million) and swap-deals (USD24 million) made USD158.353 million - a new absolute record. Best spot-turnover for a week was registered on 2-6 June 2008 - USD282.97 million. Best spot-turnover in 2009 per day was registered on 17 March - USD121.799 million.