OREANDA-NEWS. June 8, 2012. The nurse brigade of Krasnoyarsk CHP-2 branch of JSC “Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)” (part of LLC “Siberian Generating Company” group of companies) participated in the review competition of nurse brigades and nurse posts among enterprises, organizations and institutions of the Sverdlovsky District. The competition commission (including representatives of the Sverdlovsky District administration) noted the high level of theoretical knowledge and practical training of Krasnoyarsk CHP-2 brigade manpower.

The review competition is arranged on an annual basis in accordance with a resolution of the Krasnoyarsk city administration. Its aim consists in having the brigades staff constantly prepared to dress first medical aid in an emergency situation. Participation in the review competition is included in Krasnoyarsk CHP-2 plan of core measures related to issues of civil defence, emergency situations prevention and elimination and fire safety.

In the course of the review competition, the plant nurse brigade preparedness was evaluated in terms of the following indicators: availability of documents on the unit being brought to readiness, instruction organization, provision with organic equipment, dedicated vehicles availability and fit-out. The most indicative evaluation criterion was demonstration of the unit manpower training level, check of knowledge and practical skills of providing first aid.

The brigade is composed of 18 employees of Krasnoyarsk CHP-2 (4 squads each numbering 4 5 persons). In the course of evaluation each squad received an individual assignment with question covering varied branches of medical science and practical tasks on dressing first aid to the aggrieved. Additionally, the commission could put a question to any participant individually, checking the contents of medical bags for compliance with the regulatory requirements, thoroughly studying training registers and other documents governing the brigade activities.